5 Star Predictions

Welcome to another post! Today I’m showing 5 books that I think are going to be 5 stars. I decided to write this post after I read Vicious: I predicted it 5 stars but I actually rated it 4 stars, because the main villain Eli was a bit flat and one-dimensional for me? Anyway, I still loved it but I thought it would be fun to share some of my other 5 star predictions so I can look back on it later and see if I was right!

Jade City

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Jade City: I’ve been loving big fantasy series recently, so I’m really excited to start the Jade City when I get my hands on a copy! I’ve heard a lot about this series on YouTube and Twitter, so I’m trusting the masses and hoping this will be a 5 star read. Even just the tag-line has convinced me it’s 5 stars: “JADE CITY is a gripping Godfather-esque saga of intergenerational blood feuds, vicious politics, magic, and kungfu.” How could I not like that??

The Burning God

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The Burning God: This is the book I’m most certain will be 5 stars. Both The Poppy War and The Dragon Republic were 5 stars, so I don’t think I can go wrong with this one. If it’s anything like the rest of the series, The Burning God will be amazing and heart-breaking.


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Loveless: I loved the Heartstopper graphic novel series but I’ve never tried out one of Alice Oseman’s novels and this sounds like the perfect place to start. I love university settings and I really want to read more books with ace rep, so hopefully I’ll love this one as much as I think I will!



Legendborn: This new YA fantasy has had such good reception that I’m sure I’ll love it too. I’ve heard that it has King Arthur mythology and secret societies so I’m even more intrigued to see what’s going on in this story!

Girl, Woman, Other

41081373. sy475

Girl, Woman, Other: I can’t believe I haven’t read this yet! I’ve been told that it explores a lot of different themes, like race, queerness and history, and I love following lots of different characters in a book. All of my friends on goodreads have rated this 4 or 5 stars, so that’s very promising.

Thanks for reading, I’ll update you on my actual rating of these after I’ve read them! What are some of your 5 star predictions?



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