Types of books I want to read more of!

Welcome to another post, today I’m going to talk about the types of books I want to read more of: genres, media and tropes!


Sci-fi: Before, I thought sci-fi was only written by old, white, straight men but I’ve been getting into sci-fi recently and realised there’s a lot more to it than that! The Space Between Worlds is one example of this, it has a black main character and a f/f romance.

Horror: I love horror films so I don’t know why I’ve never really tried horror books, but inspired by Halloween season I definitely want to pick up some more. 

Middle Grade: Another genre I’ve been hesitant to try, but there’s actually a lot of great middle grades out there. I should pick them up more when I’m looking for something fun and a bit more light-hearted!


Graphic Novels: Because I read most of my books on my kindle, I haven’t read that many graphic novels, but I’m definitely going to visit my library and look for more.

Audiobooks: I’ve spoken about listening to audiobooks to read more before. I tried spotify audiobooks but you can’t actually speed them up, so I wouldn’t really recommend them if you can listen to them on something crazy like 2x or 3x speed! I think I’ll try the Libby app, though.

Mixed Media: I’ve never read anything mixed media, but they sound quirky and fun so it’s something I want to just see if they’re for me.


Enemies to Lovers: I haven’t read that much romance so although this is a very common trope I still haven’t seen this trope.

Found Family: Okay, so I have read quite a lot of books with found family tropes but this is my favourite trope ever and I will never get sick of it!

Thanks for reading! What do you want to read more of?



  1. I love the idea of this post!! A smart thing to do so you can look back and see if you hit the goals you wanted to reach (: It took me awhile to get into audiobooks and I’d definitely like to read more of them so I feel ya there, they’re such great resources for when you can’t physically sit down with a book! Also yes give me alllll the enemies to lovers books!! ♥

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