5OnMyTBR: Books About Books

Thanks to @LocalBeeHuntersNook for #5OnMyTBR – a weekly bookish meme where we share 5 books on our TBR list from prompts (which you can find here).  The prompt this week is books about books!


I was surprised at how many books about books I could find that I actually wanted to read!

The Midnight Library

48693877. sx318

The Midnight Library holds an infinite number of books, each one giving you the chance to change your life. When Nora arrives at the library, she is given an unlimited amount of chances to do things differently, and realises “what is truly fulfilling in life, and what makes it worth living in the first place”.

I love this idea of how every small decision we make can change our lives and I’m interested to see how it is explored because it sounds hard to do well!

Library of the Unwritten


I think I’ve talked about this one before in my summer reads TBR, but this is basically about a library in Hell with characters trapped in unfinished books, who have to be tracked down by librarians when they escape.

I’ve heard a lot of good things about this one which is why I’m mentioning it again!!

The Book Jumper


The book follows Amy, a girl who can jump into stories in books. She teams up with another book jumper, Will, when someone begins stealing from the books she visits.

This one is not very high up on my TBR list, but that cover is gorgeous.

The Starless Sea

43575115. sy475

Zachary finds a book in the library that isn’t catalogued and becomes curious. Once he begins reading he realises that one of the chapters in the book is a part of Zachary’s own childhood. Most people have told me to go in not knowing much about the plot so that’s all I know!

I haven’t read the Night Circus yet either (I know!), so I’m really intrigued to see if I liked Morgenstern’s books because I’ve heard a lot of mixed opinions about her writing style.

The Binding

39964740. sx318

After Emmett suffers an illness that renders him useless on his family’s farm, he becomes a binder’s apprentice, who rid people of painful memories by binding their stories into a book.

This sounds like a cool concept so another book I’m hoping to read soon!

Thanks for reading! Have you read any of these?



  1. The Library of the Unwritten sure is popular this week 😀 It’s on my list as well!
    And I loved The Starless Sea and The Binding!! The Starless Sea a bit more because it’s more… hmm, how to put it without spoilers? Positive? Magically happy? It’s one of my favs!! (Though I only read The Night Circus after it and didn’t really vibe with it…)
    Happy reading!! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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