How to find time to read

Hey, welcome to another post all about how to find time to read. As a student, I feel like I have no time and I’m sure most of you can agree whatever you’re doing. However, I have a few tips to make our lives much easier and read more!


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Incorporating reading into your daily routine and setting yourself daily goals changes the game honestly. Firstly, carry a book around with you. If you get a spare 10 or 20 minutes at any point in the day, pick up your book and read! Although I find it more rewarding to read in longer sittings, those minutes add up and it’s a lot easier to read in lots of short sittings than one long one. If you can as well, try and find one point in the day to read. For example, I always try to read 10-11 at night on weekdays. It makes it a lot easier to just pick up a book and read even when I’m not feeling it too much.

Types of books

A really easy way to read more is to get different types of books! Even though I don’t like reading loads of things at once, I always read one physical or e-book and one audiobook, because they’re so different and it’s easy to keep up. Normally, e-books and audiobooks are better to carry around with you, so I like listening to audiobooks when I’m walking to college. They can also be much quicker to read because you can speed them up! There’s loads of places to get audiobooks, like Libby (a library app), Audible, Scribd or even Spotify.


Don’t be afraid to DNF! Why would you deliberately put yourself in pain by reading a book you hate when there are so many other good books?? It’s okay to put books on hold as well, if you’re not in the mood for it. It might sound counter-productive not finishing a book, but actually it will stop you from getting into a reading slump and not being able to read more books.

Group Reading

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Reading in a group is a great way to stay accountable! Whether you’re participating in reading sprints, buddy reading, reading a book club pick, it’s really fun to read with others and share your thoughts. Readathons are another a great way to read with others while also having the independence to chose your own books. I have a list of upcoming readathons if you want to join in any!

Thank you for reading. Hopefully my tips can help you read more while you’re starting school or university or work again! Do you do any of these already?



  1. These tips are helpful! I’ve been wanting to get back into reading for awhile, and I guess my issue is not making time for it. Do you still find time to read when you have exams coming up or do you hold off until exams are over?

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  2. I definitely agree with picking up different kinds of books and buddy reading! I am absolutely terrible at schedules and DNFing things though – I am such a mood reader, and I always want to give books I’m not enjoying a chance to get better! Not that that usually works, but somehow, I still keep doing it 😅

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