My New Bookstagram

Welcome to another post! This is going to be a short one about my new bookstagram.

I was hesitant to create an bookstagram, for 3 main reasons:

a) I almost exclusively read library books and ebooks which aren’t that aesthetic.

b) My shelves are so ugly and disorganised. How does everyone’s look so nice? Tell me your secrets!

c) I used to be part of the studygram community, which was great but I felt pressured to post a lot and I got obsessed with my stats, in a more intense way than blogging does.

However, I decided to just go with it anyway and keep it low-key. My only goal is to show my reading and try and keep a fairly aesthetic feed.

Here’s a little preview of my account @ellaisntreading


Thanks for reading! If you have a bookstagram, drop your @ so we can follow each other.



  1. Hi I am @Leointhestacks on Instagram and here. Most of the books I feature are library books as i spend most of my days there. I think featuring them on your bookstagram will be great.


  2. I love your instagram! ❤ I just started one not that long ago too and already feel the pressures of stats🤦‍♀️agh. Why do we do that to ourselves! It's like we can't help it. It's hard not to notice those profiles with few posts and hundreds of followers, and they just started theirs like a month ago! How!? Yes I'd like to know secrets too haha! Anyway I just followed you 😊 mine is @misselizabethinsta
    I also nominated you for a tag I just did on my blog. It's very short but I think your blog is cute and appreciate you reading my posts now and again. Here's the link if you're interested 😊


  3. Oooh your photos are lovely and your cat is gorgeous! Hahahah I read so many e-books too – sometimes I use my Kindle in my photos, but often the NetGalley books have odd formatting on my Kindle so I have to use my iPad to display book covers, which is a bit of a faff 😂 I’ve just followed you, my handle is @/thebooklovingpanda!

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