5OnMyTBR: Autumn Reads

Thanks to @LocalBeeHuntersNook for #5OnMyTBR – a weekly bookish meme where we share 5 books on our TBR list from prompts (which you can find here).  The prompt this week is autumn reads!


For me, autumn reads means mystery and horror (it’s Halloween season), dark academia and rich, dark colours.

Catherine House


→ mystery/thriller

Catherine House is a dark academia style novel. Ines gets accepted into boarding school with a too-good-to-be-true offer: free tuition, rooms, food, everything! But Ines suspects that the school is hiding a dangerous agenda.

I love boarding school books but I’ve heard very mixed views on this one so I hope I’ll like it!

Burn Our Bodies Down

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→ horror

This book is a haunting tale of Margot who has a rocky relationship with her mother and wants to find out more about the mystery surrounding her family, since her mother never talks about them.

I was surprised from the synopsis that this is classed as horror, so I’m interested in finding out why. But the cover alone makes me want to read this. 😍


22554204. sy475

→ graphic novel, fantasy

For a lighter read, Lumberjanes is a fun novel about a group of five friends determined to have a good summer, even in a supernatural camp.

Okay, so this is set in summer but the cover with the log cabin reminds me more of autumn so that’s why I picked this!

The Bone Houses

36524503. sy475

→ fantasy, horror

The Bone Houses is a fantasy standalone with zombies, Welsh mythology and a remote village. Ryn, a gravedigger, and Ellis, an apprentice mapmaker, set out on a journey to find out how to stop the bone houses (zombies) and find out more about themselves. It sounds like the perfect spooky autumn read!

Ghost Squad

36601937. sy475

→ middle grade, fantasy

Lucely and her best friend Syd accidently wake up evil spirit and have to save their town and families with the help of Syd’s grandmother Babette and her cat Chunk.

This sounds like a cute paranormal middle grade if you’re not a big fan of horror but still want an autumn/Halloween read.

Thanks for reading! Do you like Halloween?



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