September Reading Plan

Hi! In this post I’m going to show you my September TBR and readathons I’m taking part in.

September is going to be a weird month. I’m going back to school and I have mixed thoughts about it. After months and months it will be nice to be physically taught again and see everyone, even if we have to wear facemasks everywhere except lessons. However, I have mock exams in the third week back (second week of September), so I’m really not looking forward to that. They go towards our UCAS grade predictions too, no pressure! 😅

So this month I’m not expecting to read much (I know I said that last month but I mean it this time!!).

My goal is to read 7 books, which is actually quite ambitious with everything on but I’m going to try anyway!

The main readathon I’m taking part in is the bookoplathon. I mentioned it in my upcoming readathon post, but it’s hosted by Becca and you can find out everything you need to know on the twitter here.


Look at how cute this board is! It was a lot more fun– and less stressful– than the real monopoly. But somehow I mixed up cards so the chance cards had the prompts on them and the community cards had the books on them…oops. Let’s forget about that. Here are my rolls:

Community shelf: read a play

12996. sy475

For this, I’m going to read the classic Othello! I want to read more Shakespeare plays because I’ve only read Macbeth for my English class last year but I really enjoyed it. I think it might be a slow read, just because my edition doesn’t have notes so I’m going to be looking up a lot of words.

Ebook or audiobook

41118857. sy475

Dragon Republic is the second in The Poppy War series, a dark military fantasy. It’s also the Subtle Asian Book Club’s group September read, so it will be even better to discuss every heart-breaking thing that happens. I have already seen a small spoiler for this which I’m so sad about, so I’m going to have to read this soon!

Community shelf: Latinx author

52516332. sx318 sy475

Clap When You Land is a contemporary YA about two girls connected by the fact that their dads both died in a plane crash. It’s also written in verse, which I’m really excited about.

Fire cover

Okay, so the prompt is fire or fiery colours on the cover, so I decided to go with red covers. Vicious is a series I’ve been meaning to read forever (here’s the summary). I haven’t physically got it yet though, so I’ve got a back-up choice of The Bloody Chamber. It’s a short story collection which twists well-known fairytales. It’s really short as well (150 pages) so it’s the perfect read if I’m struggling to finish my TBR.

Set in the past


I think I might have talked about wanting to read this before, but Homegoing traces 300 years of two sister’s family history in Ghana and America. I haven’t read any books spanning this long so I’m really interested in how Gyasi structures it.

Community shelf: 3 word title


I’m finally going to read this book (5 years late)! A fantasy heist sounds like everything I want and I’ll be able to understand what everyone is talking about. Hopefully I love it as much as everyone else does.

I’m also going to be taking part in the Stranger Things readathon– even if I’m busy I couldn’t bear to not take part. I’m going to be using similar books for the prompts though.

Dustin and Robin: Space Between Worlds?

Steve: Six of Crows

Starcourt Mall: Vicious

Lucas: Homegoing

Thanks for reading! What are you reading in September?



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