Indian Readathon TBR

Thanks to nidhireddyreads, ruescorner, ishi_time and sprinkledpages for hosting this readathon! Here’s their twitter for more details, and Nidhi’s announcement video.

What is the Indian Readathon?

This is a week-long readathon 15th-22nd August dedicating to reading Indian books and exploring Indian culture! There is no ‘winning’ or competition, the aim is just to find Indian authors!

Here are the reading prompts:

  • read a book by an Indian author
  • read a book about Indian mythology
  • read a book that takes place in India
  • read a book with someone Indian on the cover
  • read the group book

Here are the culture prompts:

  • eat Indian food
  • watch an Indian movie
  • listen to Indian music

My TBR list

I am aiming to read 3 books for the readathon!

  • read a book by an Indian author

  • read a book that takes place in India

The White Tiger


→ contemporary

→ 276 pages

Balram, nicknamed The White Tiger, is a ‘servant’, ‘philosopher’, ‘entrepreneur’ and ‘murderer’. He recalls his success story in a society dominated by class.

I picked this book up from the library (check out my library haul!) not knowing what it was about and I’m still not sure I know but I wanna try it anyway.

  • read a book about Indian mythology

Aru Shah


→ fantasy, middle grade

→ 355 pages

The fate of the universe lies in the hands of twelve-year-old Aru Shah, who lit the cursed Lamp of Bharata and accidently released an ancient demon whose duty it is to awaken the God of Destruction, all to prove her classmates wrong.

I’ve heard great things about this middle grade Indian mythological story and I’m happy to be reading at least one light thing!

  • read the group book

The Namesake

33917. sy475

→ contemporary

→ 291 pages

The Namesake shows the Indian immigrant experience in the United States, following the Ganguli family, specifically the son Gogol as he grows up.

I’d never heard of this before the Indian Readathon but that’s the point: to promote Indian literature!

I also want to listen to Indian music and watch an Indian film, and I’ll be documenting everything at the end of the week.

Thanks for reading! Are you taking part in any readathons this month?



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