Greece: packing essentials!

Hey, welcome to another post! I’m bringing you along with me in the nightmare that is packing while I try not to forget anything to bring to Greece. Note: this isn’t an exhaustive list, just the fun stuff!

First, clothes:

  • 5 x crop tops: I can barely cope in normal British summer, so I’m definitely going to need the thinnest and smallest tops possible!
  • 3 x oversized t-shirts: essentials for the plane journey and siestas
  • 2 x shorts
  • 1 x skirt: I don’t know how I’ve only got 1 skirt??
  • 2 x light jumpers
  • 2 x leggings: the only acceptable clothes for airports (and joggers of course)
  • 1 x bikini: I haven’t been swimming in over a year so let’s hope I still know how to 😂
  • 2 x shoes: 1 pair of sandals and 1 pair of vans is all I need
  • I’ve also decided to bring workout clothes which is brave. Am I actually going to exercise? Probably not, but it’s nice to think I will

I haven’t bought anything recently because I didn’t think I’d be going out much, and I’ve found out last minute purchases are very stressful! I’ve been trying to stop shopping fast fashion, so I got a few new items from depop this week:

174815540174100732urban outfitters patched mesh floral - 0

Next, books!

For physical copies, I’m planning to bring Circe because it’s set in Greece, how could I not? I’ll also be starting the Indian Readathon on the 15th while I’m there, so I’m going to bring The White Tiger too.

I’m bringing my kindle as well, and I’m planning to get The Namesake for the Indian Readathon, Dragon Republic (the sequel to The Poppy War — only £1!!) and anything else I impulse buy😂.

Other essentials:

  • Charging adapter: I always always always forget these and then I’m stuck for a few days without my phone (not fun)
  • Portable charger: just in case I forget a charging adapter, because I know I will!
  • Headphones: I never go anywhere without my headphones, and I’m going to get spotify premium this month just for this
  • Skincare: just because I’m on holiday doesn’t mean I’m going to be skimping on skincare, I deserve more than that!
  • Hair straighteners: okay, even I will admit these aren’t essentials, but I haven’t had my hair cut since December and I’ve been growing it out from a pixie cut, so you don’t want to imagine what it looks like now without straighteners
  • Face mask: we’ve still got to be careful about travelling!


Thanks for reading! Did I miss anything?





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