Library Book Haul!

Hey, here’s a mini book haul for what I got from the library yesterday. I don’t know how many of these I’ll be able to read this month but I’m gonna give it a go!



Small Island

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Small Island is a historical fiction set in 1948 London. Queenie agrees to take in Jamaican lodgers: Gilbert Josef, who fought for Britain in the war but isn’t treated like someone who fought for those citizens, and his wife Hortense, who realises that London isn’t what she thought it was.

I’m so glad I can finally read this, especially since I’ve been learning more about the British Empire and the Windrush generation.


White Tiger

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As you all know I’m very bad at giving a synopsis and I’m still not sure what this one is about so I’m linking the summary again here. I’m going to be reading this for the Indian Readathon in mid-August (check out their twitter!). I’ve heard great things about this though so I can’t wait to read it!


The Poppy War


I’ve finally got round to reading The Poppy War (or getting a copy anyway). 😊 I’m starting to regret getting a library copy though, because I feel like I’m gonna love it so much that I’ll want to buy the whole series (I have very high expectations for this one)!

If someone else has been living under a rock like me, The Poppy War is a dark adult fantasy following the orphan Rin who earned a place at the Empire’s top military academy, but is targetted for her poverty, gender and colour. And then loads of other stuff happens  that you can read here.



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I’ve already raved about this is a #5OnMyTBR post before, but I can’t tell you enough how badly I want to read this! I loved the Song of Achilles and I’m a hoe for Greek mythology (thanks Rick Riordan), so this mythological retelling about a lesser known goddess Circe is perfect. I’m planning to read this on holiday IN GREECE (check out my last post about my August reading plans for more info!) just for the aesthetic.


After Dark


I wasn’t planning on reading Murakami this month, but I saw it on the bookshelf and the cover is so intriguing I just had to pick it up. It’s a shallow reason but I’m glad I did, since I’ve been meaning to try magical realism for so long. Also, this book is really short so I’ll be able to savour it more… and it’s less intimidating than 1Q84.

You can always read the synopsis here but who knows what will happen in this, it’s probably better if I don’t know before I read!


Thanks for reading! I hope you liked my little book haul, what are you reading?



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