5OnMyTBR: LONG Books

Thanks to @LocalBeeHuntersNook for #5OnMyTBR – a weekly bookish meme where we share 5 books on our TBR list from prompts (which you can find here).  The prompt this week is long books!


My definition for ‘long’ is over 500 pages. Hope you enjoy!


The Rage of Dragons


→ fantasy

→ 544 pages

The Rage of Dragons follows Tau, who is reluctantly training to fight, in a society built around war. However, when Tau’s father is murdered, he decides to become the best warrior to bring revenge to those who betrayed him.

I’m excited to read this because the sequel came out in July, and Rick Riordan rated it 5 stars so that’s all I need to know!



Lovely War


→ historical fiction, romance

→ 480 pages

Okay, I know, I’ve already broken my own 500 page rule, but just look at the cover!

Basically Aphrodite, in WWII, tells the story of two couples during WWI to Hephaestus and Ares (her husband and lover).  The plot is confusing to me too, and I would never normally choose anything set in WWI/II, but I’ve heard great reviews about it so it’s going on the list anyway!




The Sword of Kaigen


→ high fantasy

→ 651 pages

I’m going to link the Goodreads blurb here because I’ll end up writing an essay otherwise, but someone described it as a Japanese-inspired military fantasy and I’m sold already.

Again, I mainly want to read this because of great reviews (everyone I know has rated it 5 stars) and the beautiful cover.



The Owl Killer


→ historical fiction

→ 640 pages

The Owl Killers is a medieval historical fiction and I don’t know what the hell else is going on so I’m going to add the blurb here again.

I really enjoyed Company of Liars and it was around the same length, so I want to go in blind with this one and just enjoy it, because as you’ve seen I’m very influenced by reviews!


As Meat Loves Salt

271487 → historical fiction, LGBT

→ 565 pages

A historical fiction set in the 17th century during the English Civil War, As Meat Loves Salt is a dark story with a gay romance, following an apparently unlikable man Jacob Cullen (but in a good way I’m guessing?). Just as a warning, I think there are some rape scenes in here.

I’m actually studying the English Civil War and it’ll be nice to read something that I know about but in a completely different way.


Wow, those long books make me tired just thinking about them! I’m quite surprised that there are so many historical books, I really thought this whole blog post would be high fantasy.

Thanks for reading! Have you read any of these?



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