Favourite booktubers and studytubers

I just wanted to write a fun post today sharing my favourite booktubers and studytubers!


Simply Fran

Fran is a 1st year Oxford Medicine student and her videos are all about studying and her oxford experience. She’s really funny and even though I’m not interested in medicine at all, I’ll still watch her medicine videos! 😂

Recent uploads: Under representation at Oxbridge | Oxford online exams | How to make the most out of virtual open days

Studious Anjy

Anjy is a Year 12 student studying maths, biology and chemistry. She has loads of great study tips and I love her study with me’s!

Recent uploads: Types of learners | Summer study plans | How to make a revision timetable

Dr Amina Yonis

Amina is a ‘researcher, education consultant and teacher’ with a PhD in cell and cancer research, so she’s very inspirational! Her videos are all about productivity and advice and they’re really helpful.

Recent uploads: How to become a morning person | Things I wish I’d known before starting a PhD | Using the 80/20 rule


I only recently discovered booktube so here are a few I’ve enjoyed recently!

Peruse Project

Regan has so many great reading vlogs and I love her video ideas!

Recent uploads: Reading a book I loved and a book I hated | 24 hour reading blog | Tier ranking every YA novel I read in middle school


Jananie is a reader and writer with loads of great recommendations 🥰

Recent uploads: My journey on booktube | 30k Q & A | Book haul

Just Angus

Angus is an Australian booktuber with lots of creative videos and I love his personality 😊

Recent uploads: Reading every book on my bookshelf challenge July 2020 | Redesigning the midnight sun cover | Recommended reads from indigenous Australians

Thanks for reading! Do you watch any of these youtubers, or do you have other suggestions?



  1. I was looking for good booktubers to follow!! Great post!! Also, your featured images are really good!! How do you do it? I only just started making my featured images and they are fine…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great post. There are two booktubers I follow. The names are booksnest-Beth. I follow her on Twitter. She just started her YouTube channel.
    The other is Destiny, howlinglibraries.
    I hope you check them out sometime. I like them.

    Liked by 1 person

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