Life in Lockdown: favourites

Here is a list of things that have kept me sane in lockdown, as well as super-curricular activities that I wish I discovered earlier!

  • Bullet journalling


I’ve always wanted to try this but everyone else’s journals looked so aesthetic and I knew I could never achieve that. But I finally decided to try it, with my mediocre drawing skills and limited resources (stabilo pastel highlighters, a few colouring pens and one black pen), but it didn’t turn out as terrible as I thought. June’s theme was the middle ages, but I’ve also done one on space too.

  • Home workouts

I never felt like I had the time to workout at college (and I’m normally too lazy to) but I got so bored at home, working out actually became fun. I started with Joe Wicks workouts then branched out to other youtubers, like Chloe Ting, Pamela Reif, Vicky Justiz and a bunch of others. I’ve actually felt a lot more awake so I’m going to try and carry this on post-quarantine, wish me luck!

  • Books/Goodreads
company of liarssong of achillesthe familiars 

I’ve mentioned this already, but I just haven’t read a lot this year. I’ve got back into it recently, especially with using Goodreads (follow me!) and its groups which make reading extra fun. Here are some of my recent reads ^^

  • Learning a language

At GCSE and A-Level I’ve been lucky enough to study Latin, which I love so much. Sadly though, I didn’t get past Year 8 French and I regret not picking up a language that isn’t dead as well (sorry Latin). During lockdown, I’ve been trying to learn Spanish by using a mixture of Duolingo, grammar sites and YouTube teachers. I’m not sure if I could have a proper conversation yet but it’s the thought that counts right??

  • Netflix


You knew I couldn’t miss this one off the list. My favourite series right now is Kingdom, a South Korean zombie show (but it’s so much more than that). I’ve also binge-watched Ru Paul’s Drag Race and next on my list is Hollywood.

  • Super-curricular activities

I’m probably going to make this a separate blog post because there’s so much to write about, but I’ve also had the chance to go further than my History A-Level, to prepare for university and just for fun. A few things I’ve done are take MOOCs, listen to podcasts and watch documentaries. It’s also been great to go beyond the Eurocentric syllabus and learn stuff that we really should have been taught (why did we never learn about the Bristol bus boycott or any African, South American or Asian history?)

And the last activity I’ve rediscovered is blogging 🙂

Thanks for reading! What new things have you done since lockdown?

—ella ❤


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