Get to know me

The last time I posted anything on my blog was in May 2019 before GCSEs and a lot has changed since then, including this blog! Because I’m starting fresh, I’ve decided to write a little bit about me and what my blog is going to look like very soon 🙂

A few facts about me:

  1. Right now I’m in Year 12 studying History, Latin and Maths. It sounds like a weird combination, but it works for me!
  2. I’m an Aquarius, and I don’t know how much I believe in astrology but I like the idea of it anyway.
  3. During lockdown, I’ve rediscovered my love for books. My favourite genres are historical fiction, mystery and fantasy… so a bit of everything.
  4. I love music and spotify is always in the background of whatever I’m doing. My favourite band is Royal Blood but I love alternative, rock and indie. Find my spotify here.
  5. I have a cat called Pixie who will probably heavily feature on the cover of my posts.

In terms of my blog, I’m going to be posting book reviews, study recommendations, an insight into my life as an a-level student and just about anything else I feel like writing, so follow me for a mix of everything!

—ella ❤


  1. Don’t worry about having a weird mix of subjects… I did Music, Psychology, Media and Physics… follow what you love and it will work out in the end 😊

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